Kenny and his wife Jasmine.

A model Prisoner & Hopeful Citizen

Being able to adjust to the prison life is a unique challenge for anyone. It has been all the more difficult for Kenny due to the grossly inadequate mental healthcare received while incarcerated (FN 45). Even so, he has managed to serve the past 14 years of his 56 year sentence without a single disciplinary infraction (FN 46). This is the more than stellar accomplishment for any inmate, but a testament to Kenny's character qualities. For all practical purposes, prior to Kim's death Kenny strived to be a law abiding citizen and productive member of society (FN 47). Obviously, a practice he has carried into prison. 

    During his time served, Kenny has remained to be gainfully employed by the IDOC. As to date, he has been assigned jobs that include: commissary, officers kitchen, and inmate kitchen. All of which are details that require a great deal of trust and reliance by staff for Kenny. So much so, that Kenny has been allowed to serve the lengthy sentence at the Medium Security Unit rather than the Maximum Security Unit at Pontiac (FN 49).

Confident that, one day, he will be emancipated Kenny has not wallowed in self-pity or defeat. He has remained focused on a quality of life beyond prison walls and fences. As part of his actions of exercised faith, Kenny seized the opportunity to love again. A moment of serendipitous grace allowed him to meet Jasmine and later marry her (FN 50). Together, they fight the good fight to bring Kenny home.