About Us


Kenny Gray is currently a prisoner within the Illinois Department of Corrections serving a 56 year sentence due to a wrongful murder conviction. Prior to incarceration, Kenny was a devoted husband, loving father and hardworking sheet metal worker. Since his imprisonment, hardships have taxed his soul. The most difficult adjustments being deprived of his children, lack of adequate mental healthcare to treat his bipolar disorder. Lack of ability to be more productive as a citizen, and to spend time with his wife.


While doing time Kenny has taken solace from his faith in God, and the loving support of family and friends their collective prayers and words of encouragement empower him to fight the good fight the good fight and not give into a soul crushing sense of despair that prison life is designed to produce in people. One of Kenny's most treasured sources of support and encouragement is his wife, Jasmine.


To be continued.....

Jasmine Gray is a fantastic young lady who captivated Kenny's heart immediately. She is currently a caregiver for senior citizens and plans to 

further her education to become either a veterinarian or marine biologist. Her academic and vocational ambitions are a testament to her intrinsic qualities. Namely, her compassion, integrity, and passion towards all things involving the humane treatment of God's creations. Her effort to advocate for exposing Kenny's wrongful conviction is merely an extension of her beautiful humanity.


A love story

As a team Kenny and Jasmine have wonderful love story to share. Kenny and Jasmine were introduced to each other on October 19th, 2018 by Kenny's mother Molly- It was literally love at first sight for the past year they have developed a strong bond that has transcended the harsh limitations prison places on a loving relationship. Although, they have been married since 

March 22nd 2019 they are convinced of being each others soulmates and their ability to allow love to conquere Kenny's wrongful conviction.