I am on here to ask each individual to take a few minutes of their time to read my husbands story. Alot of people will see this as a joke but it is a very serious matter. I have spent so many days and hard work to put this all together for him. I am only one person. I work on a daily basis (currently working on second job.) Both of these websites will explain everything from beginning to end. It will explain what we are trying to do and our current situation (the whole 411.)
It's a very hard and difficult situation. If you are someone that is ever in my position prepare yourself for these kind of things.
If someone could just take the time to see the injustice and justice in this, it would mean alot. We aren't asking for everyone to give us money. If you decide to make a donation to help us then we really thank you! Money is needed but so is support. 5 minutes of your time and you could have a completely outlook on several things.
Below is a message that we are currently sending to friends and family. Hoping that it will touch some people. We are trying to get the word out to as many people as possible. Sharing it all over to: Friends, experts, family, churches, and attorneys.
Lastly, I want to thank every single person myself that took the time to read this and review the 2 sites that I am going to include. This was not easy and very time consuming. Everyone is able to: Send me emails directly, make donations, write my husband, and contact him directly. (ALL INFO IS ON )

*You may have to click the link twice before the page loads.*

MESSAGE We need your help please browse and examine the following 2 websites. Everybody has the wrong concept of what happened. New evidence has come to light, 3 experts in the field of psychiatry have finally revealed the truth. Kenny has absolved of full responsibility. Your assistance is essential, any support or backing is greatly appreciated. Please spread the word! If you wish to help liberate Kenny please donate at:

We sincerely thank you,

God bless