Kenny's Mental Health Progression

To better understand how and why Kenny came to the point of taking Zoloft which ultimately resulted in Kim's death, it's important to explain his mental health history. Kenny had a very turbulent childhood (FN 15). His alcoholic father was regularly absent and extremely abusive. Since an early age Kenny experienced mood swings from the highest of highs and to the lowest of lows. Prior to incarceration Kenny had been seen by a psychologist due to the mood swings and how they caused significant problems in his life and marriage to Kim (FN 16). Although, he sought professional help to better manage his emotions Kenny remained reluctant to take medications prescribed. Instead, he "self-medicated" with alcohol throughout his life. A matter found common in patients with bipolar disorder (whether diagnosed or undiagnosed) (FN 17).  

       Eventually, a point had come to where Kenny's family and friends initiated an intervention ( FN 18). Collectively, they convinced him to stop drinking and start taking the medication (Zoloft) prescribed to treat his "anxiety and depression".  Little did anyone know, at that time the negative impact Zoloft would have on Kenny.